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May 31, 2007

« Slowly but steadily and surely... | Main | Google Chases Talent to SF »

For this week’s "By the Numbers," we release the third segment of our talent cluster analysis.   This week examine the top clusters for mid-sized metros (500K-250K).   

As we’ve done the past two weeks, we list the top three mid-sized regions for each cluster.     Our rankings are based on three criteria: size of the labor force, LQ, and salary.  Check out last week’s entry for an explanation of these criteria.

Mid_sized_2Next week, we will release our final set of talent clusters for small metros.

If you would like more detail or a complete list of rankings for regions, contact Steven or David.

Download CCG_TalentCluster_MidSized.pdf

posted by: Steven


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Michael R. Bernstein

This post needs to be in the 'by the numbers' category. It's hard to find otherwise.

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