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May 20, 2007

« Ann Arbor Lawyers Support Laid-Off Talent | Main | Ed Glaeser, Environmentalist »

Somewhere in Europe, right?  (nope) Or, maybe Madison, Wisconsin -- after all they think Karl Marx is raging right-wing lunatic so it must be them, right? (wrong again).

How about Dallas? (Yes, the one in Texas).

Time magazine has a great story in this month's issue that talks about the new "lavendar" blush on that yellow rose (hat tip: Chi Chi Hoffner).  Full story here.

(As an added bonus, see if you can find the uncredited quote from our friend Gary Gates.)

posted by Kevin Stolarick


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Bravo to Dallas. Atlanta and New York City have lesbians in charge of their city councils. The Mayors of Providence, RI, and Palm Springs, CA, and quite a few smaller cities are gay. It's about time, but we're still behind Europe:

Paris, Berlin, and Hamburg all have gay mayors. They are all very successful and popular mayors, too... doing a great job.

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