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May 22, 2007

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While cruising around the Chief Happiness Officer blog I read an article that finds that 2 of 3 of British workers are unhappy in their current jobs and more than half of them would gladly take less money to work a job that makes them feel better about themselves. "Two in three people said they were "unfulfilled", "miserable" or "drifting" in their jobs and more than half claimed they would happily earn less money in a role that made them feel better about themselves." Some are calling this ideals driven job 'Zenployment.'

Do you feel like the Brits? Would you give up salary for more meaning and fulfillment? Have you done it already?

posted by David


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Done it already. Haven't looked back.


Is this generational? I think a lot of younger folks start with this 'zenployment' ideal right away... It seems from the article that mostly middle aged folks are having this epiphany?

Joe -- when did you do this (age/career wise)? thanks.

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