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December 16, 2007

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Earlier this week, the Conference Board of Canada released its report on ranking Canada's' large metros against 27 US metros on  economic, health, society, housing, environment, innovation and education measures.  Calgary was the top ranked Canadian metro in 3rd place; the top 2 were Washington DC and Austin. The report is here (sign up required); a Globe and Mail story here.


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Regarding you recent Globe and Mail blog spot I did a little plugging in of numbers in the UK a while back and found that productivity was mostly correlated with the adoption of new technology - the figures (from the South Yorkshire area) of productivity were not correlated with jobs creation at all. So there at least there seems to be further agreement with your hypothesis

In addition, regarding unions - the New Economics Foundation Happy Planet Index found that of a indicators of social capital the only type of memberships that were negatively rather than positively correlated with happiness were union ones.

Lance Knobel

Sounds interesting. Your readers should note that registration isn't sufficient to get this report. I registered and it gave me the privilege of discovering the report costs CAD$2,400.


Lance - Whoa. Thanks for the input. A colleague reports the same thing.


are you talking about le metro? or metropolitan! Calgary! You have to be kidding me!

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