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January 31, 2008

« Tanked | Main | Another Take on the Electoral College [Guest Blogger: Gary Gates] »

It's one of my favorite games. Some rumblings already about McCain-Guiliani (ugh).  Who would Obama choose. OK, I'll get it started: How does Obama-Hagel sound? What about Hillary? Or Romney?

Penny for your thoughts.


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Ok I'll play:

Conventional Wisdom Slates


"Blue State/Red State"
Obama / Napolitano or Sebelius

Crossover Slates
"The Lions of Fallujah"

"Nuclear Threat Initiative"
Stop Obama Slates
"The Dolores Huerta Coalition"
Clinton /Richardson

"The 1st Amendment is Overrated"
McCain /(Michael) Powell

The Creative Class Slate?
"Sizzle and Steak"


Obama/Bloomberg is solid gold!
I always thought Obama/ Edwards, but now maybe not?
I like Obama/Sebelius...
How about Obama/Gore for a sure winner?
I can't think about four more years of the Clintons


Will -Obama/ Bloomberg - Vision with execution. Patrick - what a phenomenal (dare I say creative) list.

Lance Knobel

How about Obama/Jim Webb?

Zoe B

Obama/Richardson, especially if McCain is the opponent

hayden fisher

Obama-Richardson is good; Obama-Bloomberg is cool; Obama-Warner would be platinum. Warner is not just street-cred creative class; he left Virginia as the one of the most popular governors in her history. And Bush won her by more than 10 points in 2004; but Warner's protege won the governorship a year later by about 10 points solely on Warner's coattails. Warner would pick-up moderates, creatives and a large number of would be Republican votes.

I personally don't care for Warner. I organized a group to play basketball with him during law school at his request. He had a mean hook-shot and an inability to leave the court when his team lost, breaking a sacrosanct rule of pick-up basketball. But he would put Obama over the top for sure if Obama could convince him to surrender his prospective senate run to become a VP nominee. Warner's ego probably forecloses the possibility.


I'd kinda like to see Obama–Biden, since Biden's foreign policy experience and clear ideas for Iraq would be helpful in countering Republican attacks.

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