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May 24, 2008

Richard Florida

The National

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The video is here. 

The segment is very well done. What I really like about it is that it takes you inside the Prosperity Institute, shows our newly renovated new space at MaRs (our incredible team got it ready that morning), and includes cameos by our research and administrative teams.


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Whitney Gunderson

This is very good coverage for Who's Your City? and the Prosperity Institute. RF - You can't get enough of this type of positive press.

Michael Wells

Finally got time to watch this. Your self-insight that you're a pattern recognizer rather than a policy guru is really good, because I think people will/do look to you for answers. You can say "that's not what I do" and keep doing what you're good at, rather than get bogged in areas of less interest.


Just watched it, its good, but needs to be a little longer. I hate the CP24'ish of news these days, if it doesn't fit in a nice little window its no good. Anyways, Richard one very glaring observation I made watching this is that you seem to be a two finger typist! Are you serious? How did you write all those books that way? :)

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