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September 24, 2006

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We had an incredible experience during the Creative Cities Leadership Seminar in Tacoma this past week and worked with 30 creative and engaged people (their names and professional associations are included in the article below).

Dan Voelpel, a business columnist for The News Tribune observed portions of the event and has penned a new piece. Here are a few bits from Voelpel's column,

"Florida and his research team probed Tacoma-Pierce County for weeks – in what must qualify as the most comprehensive statistical exam ever – to diagnose our overall economic health and issue a prosperity prognosis for our future...

Wednesday morning, 30 people from the Tacoma-Pierce County area met with Florida’s team to hear the doctor’s diagnosis. The Creative Thirty will spend the next year developing and pushing a series of initiatives designed to boost the appeal of Tacoma-Pierce County in all those creative-class categories...

Florida’s team had graded us on 44 statistical categories, compiled results from a 25-question community survey filled out by 859 of us, assembled the analyses of 30 focus groups conducted by the Creative Thirty, compared us to the 330 other metropolitan areas of the U.S and ranked us against 42 metro areas of similar size...

You, here in Tacoma-Pierce County, sit in the middle of one of the top-five most vibrant, creative mega-regions in North America and one of the top 10 globally...

The world wants to be a part of it. The world is moving here. And that puts you in a position that 90 percent of the world’s population is envious of..."

Again, we loved working with Tacoma-Pierce County and are looking forward to its progress over the next year. We'll keep updating the blog as the group moves ahead.

(posted by David)



Thanks to Richard, Rockin Rod and the rest of the crew. What a wonderful group of people. Seriously. Thanks to David Graybill and the handful of Tacoma leaders with the vision and hutspah to make it all happen. We'll do ya proud.

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