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September 26, 2006

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Well, the team is on the road again and this week we are in El Paso, Texas. Beautiful El Paso I should say.

We will be working with 30 community catalysts for a full two days -- learning about their city (and its major status as an entry point for goods and services from the Mexico). Following these initial two days of The El Paso Creative Cities Leadership Project, RFCG will work with the group over the next year to help create and implement transformational initiatives. It is gonna be great.

BTW, we had a phenomenal lunch at Chico's Tacos today.

(posted by David)


Gonzalo Toca

Hello Creativeclass team,

I have found a very interesting article for you.

On the last Pew report, we can see they agree so much with the conclusions of Mr. Florida:

First, "In contrast to a generation ago, job entrants now do not expect lifetime employment from a single employer; they do not expect a full menu of paid corporate benefits; they do not relish jobs in hierarchical bureaucracies (...)For companies, this puts a premium on designing engaging work that allows workers to make a clear contribution and be rewarded for same".

Second, "Those who operate in such a state are not as productive as those who stay on task. They also do not make distinctions between the zones of work and leisure, consumer and producer, education and entertainment".

Te report is here:http://pewresearch.org/obdeck/?ObDeckID=70

Gonzalo Toca

Well, I have another...

Did you see The Economist article about Berlin last week ?They headlined it as "Berlin. Poor but sexy."

So look at this part of it: "Berlin now has a mix of technology, talent and tolerance that attracts skilled people and breeds growth. Spending on R&D is above average, thanks largely to the city's three universities, which also lure foreigners, artists, musicians and others".

They did not mention Richard, but they seemed to assume the cornerstone of his conclusions... And the way of describe the same phenomenon.

emad alkhawajah

contact us thank you

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