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November 29, 2006

Richard Florida

It's working!

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We know people all over the world are building creative communities. It's an organic process and...we're all learning. This space can be used to talk about strategies that really build on regional authenticity AND create sustainable results. So, let's hear what's working - from community projects to government policy to those magical coming together moments - and why.

Write in about strategies that are working in your community. Feel free to use the comment space here or send a note to Amanda at Amanda@CreativeClass.org. We'll post new strategies for discussion each Wednesday.


Carol Shepherd

Michigan is finally beginning to invest in the incentives and infrastructure necessary to attract creative-class economies, which it sees as necessary to bring the state out of its long dependence on manufacturing and the auto industry. (Ann Arbor, home to the state's software industry and the University of Michigan, is the one location in the state that is not in a deep economic recession). I have a link on my blog to a new Michigan law which gives a 40% tax incentive to film/video, video game, and entertainment companies coming to Michigan here, which is an example of the kind of incentive that is going to be necessary to turn around rust belt economies.

Carol Shepherd, Attorney
Arborlaw PLC

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