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November 16, 2006

Richard Florida

Map of the week

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I'm a data geek at heart, with a special affection for GIS maps. So, for all you cartographers of creativity out there, here's a new special feature: Map of the Week. Click here to see the map.

These maps, published in today's WaPo, show the location of gay and lesbian households in the DC metro, and are based on data compiled by good friend and colleague Steven Pedigo of the Greater Washington Initiative.

For anyone out there who still thinks gay couples are clustered only in "gay ghettos" take a good hard look at this map. Would it surprise you the place with the highest concentration of gay male couple is Spotslvania: it is! Northern Virgina rivals DC here, with Arlington, Fairfax and Alexandria all showing very high concentrations of gay male couples. And in Maryland, Anne Arundel, Montgomery and Howard counties do too.

Maryland's Montgomery tops the list for lesbian couples.  It and Frederick and Anne Arundel counties as well as Alexandria and Fairfax Virgina all best DC when it comes to the concentration of lesbian households.

While we're on the subject, check out this WaPo story on the widening cultural, political and class divide in Virgina. "As Northern Virginia continues to grow, both in population and influence, the profound difference between the two Virginias is likely to become not just an uneasy alliance but a full-blown identity crisis."


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