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November 25, 2006

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Over at Davewrites.com, more from Dave Atkins on how and why he chose the neighborhood he did in Boston.

Last week, I posted the story of how we returned to Boston. Here's a link to the story of how I first came to Boston. When I read stories about how young people today are choosing where to live first, then finding a job, I'm not sure it completely applies to me. The same is true of settling into a particular neighborhood.

As we planned our move from San Jose, CA to the Boston area, we were fortunate to have a relative here who was a Realtor. She sent us photos and listings by email in the weeks prior to our whirlwind weekend of house hunting. This helped us narrow down the choices.

When I first thought of moving back here, I wanted to live in Jamaica Plain or the South End, because those areas of Boston have a reputation for being "up-and-coming," trendy, artsy, areas full of young people. And yes, true to Richard Florida's analysis, they are the "gay enclaves." I wasn't looking to specifically live in a neighborhood full of gay people, but I was thinking I wanted to live in a cool part of the city.

Read the rest here.



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