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January 16, 2007

Richard Florida

Moving Van Index

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Earlier I posted the United Van Lines data on moves into and out of the 50 states.   RFCG's Amanda Styron used these data to calculate a "Moving Van Index," basically the ratio of in-movers to out-movers. The top ranked states on the MVI  are:  North Carolina (1.78) and Oregon (1.67). DC ranked 6th (1.38).  The lowest ranked states are:  North Dakota (.52), Michigan (.52), New Jersey (.64), New York (.68), and Indiana (.72). Just five states had index values of 1.5 or above; and just 11 had index values of 1.25 and above.  A spread sheet with original United Van Lines data and Styron's MVI calculations is here.


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Very interesting. Texas is #17 by ratio, but on a absolute net migration basis, it's #2 after NC, and they're both well ahead of #3 and below. I expected negatives for CA, MA, MI, IL, NJ, and NY, but Florida was a definite surprise. Maybe the effect of all those 2005 hurricanes?


so, you think it depends on hurricanes? But they come every year and people got used to them

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