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January 04, 2007

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Rumors are circulating in St. Petersburg, FL (according to a link on Pop Wire) that St. Pete resident and Wikipedia creator and founder Jimmy Wales is going to leave St. Pete and move to Silicon Valley. The article, from the Orlando Sentinel, explains that while Wales came to St. Pete due to the high cost of living in California, he is getting ready to move back to the Golden State.Jimmywales_1

From the article, "Wales prefers to do his socializing with that “Web 2.0” crowd on their turf in San Francisco, which makes sense, according to Newmark. (Craigslist.org founder Craig Newmark)
'Like me, Jimmy is basically an engineer at heart, and sometimes we are not socialized the way most people are,' Craigslist.org’s creator says. 'I joke about us having nerd values, but in a sense it is a reassertion of traditional values and focusing on what matters.'" Wikia, Inc., the company that Wales founded that hosts wiki's for free is headquartered in the Bay Area. The location choice was made at the insistence of its CEO Gil Penchina, a former head of eBay’s European and Asian operations, whom Wales hired in mid-2006.

In related news, Wales is  launching a new search engine based on Wikipedia's community model. Could it be that the talent, networks, and other  tools for building a world class search engine to challenge Google only exist in Silicon Valley?

posted by David


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