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February 22, 2007

Richard Florida

Rudy versus Mike

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Slate's Jacob Weisberg on  GOP front-runner,  Rudy Guiliani's record as NYC mayor:

"President Rudy would give powerful speeches denouncing terrorism while assuming extraordinary wartime powers. He'd reject compromise with his antagonists and ignore the nuts and bolts of running a government. After a few years, he'd be on nonspeaking terms with much of his Cabinet, never mind his fellow world leaders. By the time he got done, he might make us appreciate George W. Bush." 

Weisberg goes on to say Bloomberg was left to clean up one after another of Giuliani's many messes. For my money, there's no comparison. Despite his Olympics and stadium fixation, Bloomberg has proven to be a superb mayor, getting the city's fiscal house in order, improving its quality of life, taking on it's schools, and addressing key issues in its economy. Giuliani was one of the most over-rated mayors of recent history - who did little to improve local government instead using the mayor's office as platform to promote himself.  If you don't believe Weisberg, next time you take a taxi, just ask the cabbie.

The whole thing is here.


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