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February 26, 2007

« Spasibo, Russia | Main | Deconstructing the Research Triangle »

Mark Kuznicki writes:

I dream of a future where every individual has the power and ability to discover his or her creative passions, and to resolve their multi-dimensional identities into a coherent whole through their interaction in open community with others. The holy grail is the unification of one’s practical needs with one’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. It is a universal desire, and it is the most powerful force in human civilization.

The entire essay is a MUST READ.


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Cesar Dolores

Interesting link, and funny that it should mention Burning Man. If you've never been, I have a feeling you would benefit from it. If you have, I'd like to hear what you think about it. Black Rock City is, in many ways, the logical conclusion of your theories. It takes the features of a creative city further than any traditional city ever could. (Click on my name for a good article about it.)

Devotees keep coming back many years after the flash and spectacle has worn off, because they see it as a chance to connect with like-minded people. It's a meta-city of highly creative people from all over the continent - from the most eccentric writers to the most successful Silicon Valley tycoons. For them, being there is intellectually and emotionally energizing.


thanks for posting...and bringing this material and inspiration to a wider audience...here in Buffalo, NY we need all the help we can muster...




David-- I'm a big Buffalo fan. My first teaching job was at UB - where I was a visiting professor while doing my PhD at Columbia. I lived right off Elmwood. I've long thought the the best strategy for Buffalo is to essentially connect to the Toronto region. At a symposium some years ago, I even gave the new mega-region a name: TorBuffChester. It would be a binational powerhouse.

Mark Kuznicki


Thank you for the link and the kind words. I appreciate the boost to my local efforts for openness as the solution to tapping the latent creative possibilities in Toronto's unparalleled diversity.

I am frustrated that policy-makers are having a lot of conversations in committee rooms (such as the Toronto Summit currently underway as I write this from my local Starbucks), while the subjects of their discussions are not engaged in the conversation.

This frustration is part what is driving the Open Cities unconference some of us are organizing in Toronto on June 23rd.

Open is the Answer. Community is the Framework.


Mark - Your stuff is fantastic. And Toronto is right atop my list of favorite cities. I applaud your efforts and keep pushing. Toronto and the world need it.



Your work is inspiring. Posted about the other day and just heard from TO friends, "David you quoted a friend of mine..." Small world...

Heard from another Ont. provincial planner friend that Toronto Alliance in happening right now which is, what I imagine you are referring to. Compare that to the front page of the Buffalo News today...reporter picked up on my piece from last week about "Children Left Behind"...which I first learned about right here...and proceeded to blast it around to local media.

We're shrinking...tonite in City Chambers, we had a one-way conversation about our local gallery's deaccession plans - Richard, remember the Albright-Knox? - all rather sad as the local diocese is planning to shut additional churches, too.

Kept thinking of an unconference to openly discuss these events in Buffalo...

Next time I'm in TO I'd like to meet-up...



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