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March 02, 2007

Richard Florida

Dayton Gets Creative

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Just back from Dayton where I addressed an incredible group of community catalysts last night.  The energy in the community is palpable as it mobilizes for change and transformation. I was buzzing all night and all day today actually, after braving delays and cancellations and having to re-route through  Indianapolis  and then make the 2 and half hour drive.  But we made it in time,  thanks to my my new heroes Wright State's Sue and Larry my driver who piloted the craft through driving winds, torrential downpours and fog you could cut with a knife

Here's a candid report via DaytonMostmetro.com on the opportunities and challenges the region faces.  From what I saw last night, I can tell you the community is up for the task.  And we're excited to be a partner in those efforts.

Update:   More from Paul Herbert over at Incentive Intelligence, here.


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Tony Hurley

Hi Richard,

I wasn't able to watch you speak at WSU, but I was able to catch a telephone interview with you that was posted at www.dayton.mostmetro.com/

It's always good to hear from people with positive attitudes and great ideas. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Best regards,
Tony Hurley
Mobile Rock Entertainment, Inc.


Tony - Keep up the great work.

Bill Pote

Thank you for visiting Dayton and for your fantastic lecture. After talking to many people, it seems as though your "squelcher" reference has resonated with many here. We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. And next time you visit, we hope that instead of people asking you why we ranked so high, you will instead be asked why we didn't rank higher!

-Bill Pote
Dayton MostMetro.com

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