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April 23, 2007

Richard Florida

Go Pittsburgh

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Pittsburghpa This item over at 2Blowhards.com captures what is truly great Pittsburgh.

"The Wife and I recently spent a few days in Pittsburgh ... and it was a treat meeting and comparing notes with some of Pittsburgh's young-and-creative set. The Wife and I were both struck by what a cool city Pittsburgh has become. (The locals tell us that this turnaround has taken place very recently -- in only the last five or six years.) The old-industrial-powerhouse basics of the city are great: lots of working-class brawniness and pride, and some impressively quiet and spacious, old-tycoonish stretches too. The city is blessed with mucho in the way of geographical variety -- hills, rivers, cliffs -- and is crammed with tons of character-filled neighborhoods, and an amazing stock of gorgeous old commercial buildings and houses. As well as -- of particular interest to Offbeat Us -- a couple of fizzy boho neighborhoods. It's great that housing prices are modest too. An offbeat, slacker-ish person, in other words, could lead a swell life in Pittsburgh."

Read the whole thing here. And while you're at it check out the Manifesto for a New Pittsburgh.


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john trenouth

I was a bit down on Pittsburgh when I went to school there. But I've been back a number of times since moving away, and every time I go back I like it a little more. If I didn't love where I'm at now so much I could happily move back to the town I affectionately called "The Pitt."

Go Pittsburgh, indeed!

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