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April 03, 2007

Richard Florida

The Singles Map

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From National Geographic's February Issue.

Check out these posts on the best city for you and city-locator tools.


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Clay Miller

I hate the way this sounds, but I'd really appreciate seeing these statistics broken out by... well... um... by race. My suspicion is that black people are the deciding "tiebreakers" in these statistics, but until I see some see real numbers I'll never know for sure.

I'm perfectly willing to do some real-deal research. If anyone has some smart hook-ups on where to look then I'd sure appreciate them.

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Barbara Payne

Wow. What an eye-opener these comments are, guys.

If you want to find out some non-related-to-dating reasons why single women flock to certain areas, check out the maps here.http://www.swwan.org/blog/labels/income%20women%20vs.%20men.html

At SWWAN, the Single Working Women's Affiliate Network, we're all about single working women who are totally comfortable in their choices. It's not always about you, guys. Sometimes it's about opportunity, options, culture, and fun.


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Dirty Blonde

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