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May 25, 2007

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My new book is starting to take shape, scheduled for release March 2008.  So now comes the hard part - titling it. The book deals with why place is the central factor in the global economy, how it effects our wealth and happiness, and how to think strategically - and pick! - the right place for you. We came up with a list of titles, but two lead the list and my editor says the publishing team is split down the middle on them:

  • The Wealth of Place
  • Who's Your City

These would go with a subtitle like: "Why Place Matters to the Global Economy, Happiness, and Everyday Life." Though if we go with Wealth of Place, "location" would substitute for "place" in the subtitle.

Others we've tossed around include:

  • Where
  • Location Factor
  • Why Place Matters
  • Geography is Destiny
  • What's Your LQ (Location Quotient)

All of us would very much appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to suggest other titles as well, and let us know the ones you love, hate, or are indifferent about -  and their pros and cons. 


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Placemarks, as in trademarks. Graphic would be PM in a circle.


Just realised that the circle is part of the copyright symbol, not trademark. Doh..


Sense of place
Place is choice
You are here
Place matters
Where you live matters
A matter of place

Keep it simple, Richard. Trust all is well.

Richard Volpato

Creating Creative Places

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