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May 24, 2007

« Top 10: Wettest Cities | Main | Agents See $$ in Green Housing »

For this week’s "By the Numbers," we examine the top talent clusters for medium-sized metros (500K-Million).   Just as we did last week for large metros, we list the top three medium-sized regions for each cluster.   

We ranked metros on three static criteria (2005):

  • Size of labor force:  How many individuals are working in each talent cluster?  Metros with larger employment numbers received a higher score.
  • LQ: How specialized or concentrated is a metro in a talent cluster?  Metros with a higher LQ or specialization received a higher score.
  • Salary: Which metros have the highest cluster salary?  Metros with higher salaries were awarded a higher score.

Medium_metros Next week, we will look at the mid-sized and small metros.   If you would like more detail or a complete list of rankings for regions, contact steven or david.

Download CCGMediumTalentClusters.pdf

Thanks again to Jim Kaminski for his database expertise.

posted by: steven


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Looks like a lot of NY/CA and then college towns in the midwest. I find the Des Moines leadership position in Business and Financial services pretty interesting. Is this a lot of back office stuff?

Jim W. from Des Moines

Here is des moines from Wiki.....
Many insurance companies are headquartered in Des Moines, including the Principal Financial Group, KVI (Now part of Marsh), EMC Insurance Group, Allied Insurance (now part of Nationwide), AmerUs Group (now part of Aviva), Holmes Murphy, and American Republic Insurance Company. Des Moines has been referred to as the "Hartford of the West" because of this. Principal is the only Fortune 500 company to have its headquarters in Des Moines, ranking 261st on the magazine's list in 2006.[9] As a center of financial and insurance services, other major corporations headquartered outside of Iowa have established a presence in the Des Moines Metro area, including, Wells Fargo, ING Group, and Electronic Data Systems. The Meredith Corporation, a leading publishing and marketing company, is also based in Des Moines. Other major employers in the area (with more than 1,000 local employees) include Mercy Medical Center, Iowa Health System, MidAmerican Energy Company, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Firestone Agricultural Tire Company, UPS, FBL Financial Group, Citigroup's Citi Cards division, Qwest, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa, Hy-Vee supermarkets, John Deere Des Moines Works, and Communications Data Services.[10]

In 2007, Forbes magazine ranked the Des Moines metropolitan area 4th on its list of "Best Places For Business And Careers," based on factors such as the cost of doing business, cost of living, educational attainment, and crime rate.[5]

online insurance

I am pregnant and employed with a small company in New Jersey. My company does not have Short Term Disability insurance. I read recently that NJ is one of 5 states that requires this insurance by law. Does that law apply to all companies, or only companies of a certain size? Am I out of luck? Should I buy my own insurance? Thanks for any advice!

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