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May 23, 2007

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Richard is headed to the Northland today to speak at the Duluth,MN-Superior, WI Area Community Foundation's annual meeting. The area is one of amazing beauty, interesting history and familiar challenges:

News story today in the Duluth News Tribune:

Fur trading put what became the Duluth area on the map in the late 17th century.

In the late 1800s, iron ore and timber made Duluth a boomtown.

But in this century, creativity, or the ability of workers to synthesize new ideas and efficiencies, will be the defining resource the Zenith City must mine if it is to flourish.

Read the full article here.

Op-Ed by Community Foundation President, Holly Sampson: 

Let’s make economic development about everyone’s prosperity

...But the Duluth area also needs to address the challenges the community faces: How to embrace territorial assets in a sustainable way. How to tap into resources such as the human capital of those who graduate from Northland schools and then move away. How to build more ties, bridges and relationships across groups that don’t normally associate with one another. And, most important, how to embrace and welcome new people and perspectives.

Read the full op-ed here.

Posted by Amanda.


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Bill Geist

Is that...no...can't be! Nessy? Right there in Lake Superior?

Welcome to the land of cheese, brats and beer, Richard. We love your work...and the blog.

Rolf Hicker

The image of Lake Superior is a copyright protected images which is used on this website without permission. Very sad that somebody like Richard Florida, which knows about copyrights, ignores copyrights of other artists.

I'm the photographer of the Lake Superior image and will now file a case against this website for copyright infringement.

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