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June 07, 2007

« If Basic Human Rights Aren't Reason Enough ... | Main | Google Testifies on Immigration »

For this week’s "By the Numbers," we release the last segment of our talent cluster analysis.  This week we examine the top clusters for small metros (250K and below).

As we’ve done the past three weeks, we list the top three small regions for each cluster.     Our rankings are based on three criteria: size of the labor force, LQ, and salary.

Metro_picture_2 If you would like more detail or a complete list of rankings for regions, contact Steven or David.

Jim Kaminski assisted with this post.

Download small_metros_talent_clusters.pdf

posted by: steven


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Go VA!! Charlottesville is a not so best kept secret!


Santa Cruz for legal??? No way. But I love Santa Cruz and have been going there for years it is a hippie surfer beach town That has become the Malibu Beach Colony for Silicon Valley.

Michael R. Bernstein

I think you accidentally skipped the 'mid-sized' (ie. 250k-500k) regions.

Michael R. Bernstein

OK, I found the mid-sized report here:

It wasn't in the 'by the numbers' category, which made it hard to find.

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