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June 08, 2007

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Great video of Google's VP for People Operations Laszlo Bock -- a Romanian immigrant -- testifying on Capitol Hill regarding the practical benefits of immigration to Google and the US. It is a great testimony and confirms much of what we know on immigration and talent. People need to see this.

posted by David


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Also, check out the Business Week story:

Immigration: Google Makes its Case

(hat tip: Rob)

Charles Rostkowski

Of course Bock only stressed the positive aspects of immigration of which we are all aware. There is also a dark side of immigration however and it is that side that has so many opponents of McCain-Kennedy upset. In Ogden, Utah where I live we have seen both sides of immigration. Hispanic entreprepeurs have indeed transformed many neighborhoods into vibrant diverse communities, but Hispanic have also been respoonsible for most of the gang related activity and drive-by shootings that have occured over the last ten years. One may say the same about terrorist activity in the country. From the assisination of Robert Kennedy (1968) to the most recent JFK Airport plot, terrorist activity has been carried out by legal or illegal immigrants who were allowed to enter and roam freely throughout our nation with little effort on the part of the INS even to monitor their activity. McCain-Kennedy simply refuses to take this dark side of immigration seriously and it is for that reason that many in this country see this legislation as detrimental to our future. Yes we need to make it easier for the talented and enterpreneuial to come here, but we desperately need to pay some attention to those who come here to do us harm.


To Charles Rostkowski,

Keep in mind that the second-largest "terrorist" attack ever on American soil was the Oklahoma City Federal Building explosion, completed by two born-and-raised, American boys with heritage in America going back generations.

What about all the mass school shootings. Those are also American kids committing the crimes, with the V-Tech one last month being the exception and not the rule.

Immigrants are not the main source of violence against Americans.

Harming the US economy to keep America's doors closed to immigrants makes no sense.


What would the reaction be if one of these talent-hungry companies, like Google, moved its HQ or a substantial "innovation based" operation outside the US to a country willing to allow them to hire the best and brightest from around the globe?

Would congress and America care?

There is all this concern about outsourcing and offshoring of jobs. This google testimony suggests that American policy almost encourages it.

If you can't do the high-skill innovation work in America, because you can't get the talent, why bother with having manufacturing or call centres or other jobs in America?

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