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September 04, 2007

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Congratulations to our KCCI catalysts in Tallahassee on today's launching of their Park-N-Ride Community pilot program. The goal of the program, led by the Greenovation team and its partner StarMetro, and supported by some great sponsors,  is to "offer Tallahassee drivers a convenient, environmentally conscious option for commuting." Catalyst Bill Berlow is participating in the pilot program and writes about his motivations, expectations, and the program in today's Tallahassee Democrat. To sign up as a participant click here. Snippet from Bill's piece below.

posted by David

From Bill's column,

"I'm looking at it as an adventure - a change in routine that I hope will be both personally rewarding and environmentally responsible.

It's not about saving time, obviously. My drive to work normally takes about 25 minutes - longer when I go home because of congestion on Thomasville.

Rather, it's about saving energy, and maybe a little money. And, as someone who has enthusiastically promoted the benefits of public transportation and expressed my hope that more people along the socioeconomic spectrum would make use of it, it was high time I started doing what I'd encouraged others to do.

So, today, StarMetro becomes part of my semi-regular routine instead of just an issue I occasionally address as an editorial writer and columnist.

I'm not a newcomer to public transit. In other cities. Never, I'm a little embarrassed to admit, in the community I've called home for the past 26 years.

Like most of us, I'm car-centered. Eighty percent of us who commute here in Leon County drive our vehicles to work, alone. Anyone who has lived here for a few years has noticed the result: Our roads are more congested, our commutes take longer, our gas bills have gotten higher.


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