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November 17, 2007

Richard Florida

The Big Squelch

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The typically calm and always pro-Pittsburgh Mike Madison at Pittsblog may be losing his cool:

I went out of my way the other day not to pile criticism on the Allegheny Conference for Community Development, after the Trib published a pretty scathing review of that outfit. Why stir up addiitonal trouble on the eve of the ACCD's annual meeting. Then the ACCD's chair, James Rohr of PNC, essentially declares at that meeting that Pittsburghers should stop talking about change and the future of the region. Things are just fine the way they are! Dan Fitzpatrick in the P-G writes up the details.vJim Rohr reminds me of Kevin Bacon, in the movie Animal House. There's a moment toward the end of the film, during the parade/riot scene, when Bacon -- who has a minor role as a freshman ROTC and fraternity recruit -- stands in the middle of the sidewalk and screams, "All is well! Remain calm!"vAnd the onrushing horde of townspeople crushes him.  Literally.  Flat as a pancake. Where is Pittsburgh's Senator Blutarsky?

I feel your pain, Mike, and be careful:  A leading historian based in Pittsburgh once told me, "Watch your back, they always shoot the messenger."


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Pittsblog is the best blog in the city; I've always thought of it as the perspective of someone who has a strong perspective of both quarky Pittsburgh and the -- gasp! -- broader world and what is happening the 21st century.

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