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November 22, 2007

Richard Florida

Why I Love My Job

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We are wrapping up an incredible week in Noosa, Australia.  I'll be posting more on this later, but here's a press report on what we're doing.

Noosa is a community that reflects all the core values and could become a model of the creative age. Just recognized as a UN biosphere community, Noosa is at the cutting-edge of sustainable, inclusive and creative development. We're excited to be partnered with the stewards and people of this great community.

We'll be foregoing turkey and football for baramundi and surfing this thanksgiving.


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Hi Richard,
Your talk was refreshing and you had very inspiring and affirming things to say . Let's see if Noosa can make the transition from paying lip service to the positive things you high-lighted to actually doing it. Lets put our money where our mouth is. Exciting times!
My fairly random thoughts to the event are on my blog: http://clearlyitworks.wordpress.com/
Looking forward to seeing you and also Sarah back here in Noosa.

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