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December 20, 2007

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The New York Times thinks so.  Money quote:

"It has been 30 years of a strategy that says if we revitalize downtown the rest of the city will follow,” said Kevin Boyle, a Detroit native and professor of history at Ohio State University, who has written extensively on the city. “And that is simply not true.”

Part of the effort is to build a "Creative Corridor" along Woodward.

We're headed there for the holidays.


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john trenouth

The other day a friend was telling me about some of the more unusual old vinyl records he has found. One was called "Sounds of the Detroit Renaissance" which is just a collection of street sounds. It was from 1968.

Apparently Detroit has been in the middle of a 40 year rebirth.


JT - Great to hear from you. Detroit, perhaps alongside Memphis, has one of the most original and diverse sounds of any city. Recall too that its sound emerged during its economic heyday, when it was drawing in talent from across the globe. Motown is the one people commonly point to. But Detroit was the epicenter of hard-edged rock and punk. Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, ? and the Mysterians (96 Tears), the MC 5, Iggy Pop, and then Jack White who stripped back rock one more level to two-piece raw blues roots. And all sorts of roots rock from Grand Funk to Bob Seger to Kid Rock. And of course there is techno which is literally synonymous with the D. Marshal Crenshaw (who played in the MC5 reunion band), Madonna, and Eminem as well. What a legacy. I'm still waiting for that Iggy Pop International Air Terminal ...

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