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January 17, 2008

Richard Florida

Prosperity Agenda

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I'm heading down to Toronto City Hall right now to comment on the city's new Prosperity Agenda.  While some will doubtless see this as yet another sign of my shameless "boosterism,"  I think it's actually quite a good idea and shows clear recognition that economic growth and competitiveness are alone not enough and that true prosperity must be innovative, sustainable and inclusive.  Here's a snippet from the Globe and Mail's report.  More to come.         

Under a 40-point "agenda for prosperity" released yesterday, an advisory panel appointed by Mayor David Miller calls on the city to work closely with business, labour and academic leaders to capitalize on Toronto's untapped potential. ...The goal, according to the report, is to build on Toronto's emerging clout in "green" industries, boost other economic clusters such as biomedicine and culture, while making overdue investments in transit and other infrastructure to attract top-quality businesses. ...If the wide-ranging recommendations are adopted, Mr. Miller predicts, the city will be on a more solid economic footing in 10 years. "There will be more jobs and more sustainable employment shared by all sectors," he told reporters. "More Torontonians will be able to live in dignity."

The full report is here.


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