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February 16, 2008

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A recent study by University of Maine economist Todd Gabe and colleagues Kristen Colby and Kathleen Bell constructed creativity scores for US counties (and ranked them) and examined the effects of creativity as well as a host of other variables on wages. Their results show that creativity has a significant effect on wages at the county level, and that the result is strongest in urban counties.


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Michael Wells

The link goes to the previous post's Fast Company article.

Tom Christoffel

A link to this post will be in the February 20, 2008 issue of Regional Community Development News. It will be on-line February 21 at http://regional-communities.blogspot.com/

Please visit, check the tools and consider a link.



Until sole proprietors are included, I would be hesitant to accept the conclusions for the rural regions. Sole proprietors are an integral part of the rural creative class. Typically, their wages are higher than the region as a whole. I know this is true in Maine.

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