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March 26, 2008

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NPR ran a story this morning about the trend of airlines charging for inches of leg space.  Any way they can squeeze a nickle or dime out of you, they will.  Jet Blue and United are taking the lead to offer passengers 6-8 inches of extra leg room for $10-$20.  With measures like this, tLegroomhe airline industry is going to crash and burn just like the Big 3 - Rigid Fat Cats of Detroit's automotive industry. 


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Sean Galbraith

At 6'4", I'd happily pay $10-20 for that much extra legroom.

Michael Wells

My running buddy and I have a phrase for this, "For your convenience" as in "For your convenience, we have raised prices and reduced service."

Also in this morning's news, a federal court said the airlines don't have to provide water and bathrooms for passengers stuck on the tarmac. So far they haven't approved waterboarding us, but it's a matter of time.

When they shortened the legroom they should have disabled the reclining seats. I put my knees against the seat back in front of me so it won't be in my face, but I shouldn't have to do that. And I'd also probably pay for the legroom, but again, shouldn't have to do that.

What an opportunity for high-speed rail, if the anti-government government weren't gutting Amtrak.


Agreed! Bring back the trains!


I am 6'7 and an hour on a commercial flight is my pain threshold. It doesn't strike me as particularly fair that have available the product (space) that they offer average-sized people, yet sell it to a higher bidder instead of providing the tall folks among us with a comparable level of service. Maybe before I die, a high-speed rail link in the 401 corridor will help save me unnecessary and uncomfortable flights between Ottawa and Toronto.

Mike L.

How about paying according to your leg-room and seat-width? Surely airlines can have flexible seating configurations so that "little me" pays a whole lot less than "huge you". Oh yes! It's called "Business Class"!


We might find in a post-Kyoto world that trains come back into vogue, especially high-speed ones, because carbon trading and/or taxes might make commercial flights a lot more expensive than they are now...


One could only hope. But the muscrats that squelched Detroit are the same ones who squelched such luxuries as high speed trains.


This is a perfect example of price discrimination. I don't see nothing wrong with that -- people have a chance to sort themselves based on the personal choice. I am 5'9'' and an average seat on a plane suits me fine, but I still prefer the Economy Plus seats on United. A passenger may get a seat by receiving a premuim status or by paying extra. It is your personal choice, pay if you like, and keep in mind as you pay extra for those extra legroom some pay less for a regular seat -- so, sort yourself out. This is how markets work and as much I sympathize the gentleman who is 6'7'' my question to him is -- Do we have to pay you to fly first class because of your height?

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