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March 07, 2008

Richard Florida

Creative Manifesto

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“Increasingly, the place you choose to live will help determine your success in business, in finding a life partner, and in living a fulfilling life. In fact, it may be the most important decision of your life. I believe that we are in the beginnings of a shift as fundamental as the industrial revolution was over a century ago—one that will have as dramatic an impact on how people live and work. Furthermore, it will have a dramatic impact on where they live and work."

That's me over at CEO-Read. Download here.


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Stephen Lahanas


Well - I suppose while I like the idea of the focus on creavitity, I'm not so sure it can be understood solely throguh the demographic measures that are being applied to it in this manifesto.

First of all, the connection between the third "T" and creativity was already pretty well understood from a historical perspective w/o the need to make similar demographic correlations. Study of 'cradles of creativity' throughout history will produce similar results. Open and tolerant communities tend to promote creativity and that leads to exponential growth for innovation in those regions.

The contention that region dictates creative options though is a fallacy. There are many exceptions at both the individual and collective level and there are also no guarantees that certain communities will remain creative centers simply as result of their demographics.

There is a dynamic to collective creativity that has been bypassed here entirely. Also, dismissing the global virtual collective is extremely shortsided - while it might not be in full swing yet after only about a decade or so, it will come into its own soon...

Stephen Lahanas

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