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March 14, 2008

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Guest Blogger - Aleem Kanji, Creative Class Group

Statistics Canada recently examined where the smartest people in Toronto, Canada live by census tract.  Ironically, we are all in good company, with 46% of folks that are twenty-five years of age and older having a post-graduate degree - apparently the highest percentage across the 5.5 million people that live in the Greater Toronto Area.  Richard and Rana's neighborhood, along with mine and my wife Salma's all closely border this brainy census tract here in Toronto.

What do you think?  Is this just academic ?

Aleem Kanji


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I believe Deep River, ON (near the Chalk River nuclear facility) is known as having the highest concentration of PhDs in the world...which is great, if you're a nuclear scientist, I guess.

Michael R. Bernstein

Hmm. Richard, for someone who has been touting the creativity of all people, I'm surprised you're conflating formal education with 'smart'.

Harold Jarche

And formal academic achievement has a proven positive correlation with what exactly? I've never seen much data or research on this, other than the observation that academic success can lead to more academic success; kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Herbert Verweij

As Stephen Covey explains in his book ''The 8th Habit'' it's not only the IQ (mental intelligence) that count's in a creative economy. The other three intelligences/capacities of our nature are important as well: physical intelligence (PQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Being "smart" touches directly or indirectly on the other intelligences. It is the integration of these 4 intelligences and capacities, which unleashes human potential and creativity. I hope we all know that knowledge is not wisdom. And as Covey writes... "the more you know, the more you know you don't know".


Why does formal education imply smart? Most of the people I know with an advanced degree are Education Majors looking for pay raises. Some of the most narrow minded are the educated elite.

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