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March 26, 2008

Aleem : Urban Digs

Who's Your "Ship" ?

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Freedom Ship International has created the layout for the world's first city floating on water.  The ship's design would be home to 40,000 full time residents, 30,000 daily visitors, 10,000 nightly hotel guests, and 20,000 full time crew. This population of 100,000 people will provide a wealth of talent and diversity for the private businesses aboard the ship and to those they visit daily on their adventures ashore.  Over 200 acres of open area are planned for recreation and relaxation.  Freedom Ship also plans the biggest duty free retail shopping mall in the world along with the best education and health care facilities available.

The cost - anywhere from $180,000 to $2.5 million as well as a small number of premium suites currently priced up to (hold your breath!) $44 million.  Check out the on board subway in the second picture.



This truly blends urban planning and cruising in a way we have never really seen.  Price aside, what do you think of the concept? 

Aleem Kanji


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Michael Wells

Bizarre comes to mind. So does Titanic. Sort of like Behrain without the sand. I wonder if John Galt is aboard?

Vincent Clement

It looks like something out of a Sims game, especially the cross-section image. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.

Harold Jarche

Why do I get this creepy feeling and visions of "Waterworld" and Kevin Costner?


I more get the feeling of super-wealthy ex-kleptocrats, dictators, embezzlers, tax-evaders, international internet pirates, scammers, and spammers, living in luxury beyond the reach of john law.


"I more get the feeling of super-wealthy ex-kleptocrats, dictators, embezzlers, tax-evaders, international internet pirates, scammers, and spammers, living in luxury beyond the reach of john law."

Yes, and all eggs in one basket in a slow-moving behemoth ready to be targeted by terrorists. Why all the wealthy people would want to congregate like this and make themselves such an easy target is beyond me.


This scheme fit better into the .com heyday, which is when the company first claimed it was right around the corner...


I really hope they make this. If anything i think it would be a huge experiment that regardless of the results would be interesting.

I would even be willing to move there for a year or two just to be a part of the project.

Lloyd Alter

This is so old, the site has not been updated since 2005. The real thing is happening at


Zoe B

What are they going to do with all the garbage? Most cruise ships just dump it overboard.

Michael Wells

Is residensea the same company as Freedom Ship? Their site makes me think even more of the Titanic. They carefully avoid telling how many apartments they have.

These giant cruise ships are less and less welcome around the world. Their deep draft alone damages the coral, let alone the wave of passengers. We were in the Galapagos last year and there are laws restricting how large of ships can come there because of the environmental damage they do (the limit is less than 50 passangers, I forget exactly.) I expect that more ecotourist places will do the same. With size, Zoe's question gets even more important.

If you've been in a coastal town when the cruise ships come in, everyone else heads for the hills and the tourist shops do a boom business for a few hours. Thousands rather than hundreds would probably be less welcome. In the bigger cities they'd be absorbed but targeted as tourist marks as soon as they hit shore. If you go someplace like Barcelona and stay in the Hilton you're missing a large part of the culture already, staying offshore it seems hardly worth leaving Palm Springs.


The first thing that came to mind was Dubai on water -- a completely artificial place that is costly to build and operate. I think it'll need to be on top of an oil rig to succeed.


I am reminded of nothing so much as that Westworld sequel Futureworld. Which is to say that the whole idea seems a tad to 1970's post apocalyptic for comfort.

Campus Entrepreneurship

While bold and wild, etc.. reminds me of the guys who came out with the underwater hotel a few years back and the ice hotel... i think the ice hotel has spawned a whole little cluster around it... not sure how the underwater hotel turned out...

Greg Brown

China Mieville had a great essay on the Freedom Ship and libertopias in general a year or two back: http://www.inthesetimes.com/article/3328/floating_utopias/


Simple: What's the point? Simpler: Why?

Michael Wells

Why? It's the ultimate gated community. You never have to interact with anyone who's not like you except for the service class onboard, who are prescreened and probably looking for tips or bonuses. Everything is clean and sanitary, if you're afraid of crime or germs or confrontation you're isolated from them 24/7.

For slightly exotic but very safe adventures, you occasionally dock at a tourist location and (I'll bet) are escorted to the right kinds of places.

Mayberry on the Sea.


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