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April 23, 2008

Richard Florida

Global Marshall Plan

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Gordon Brown calls for one:

And when today cynics dismiss as and impossible dream or naïve idealism proposals to create the institutions of a truly global society let us remind them that people used to think black civil rights a distant dream, the end of the cold war an impossible hope, the ending of apartheid in our generation the work of dreamers, debt relief for the poorest countries an unrealisable idea ... And so let us have confidence we can discover anew in ourselves the values we share in common,  ... and let us have confidence we can create a global covenant across nations to make peace and prosperity real in our generation.

The rest is here.


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Scott Ashwell

I just finished reading Al Gore's Earth in Balance, and, although it is 16 years dated, it is still very relevant. He originates the idea of a global Marshall plan. And his references to the failings of the "Bush " administration are creepy in that he is refering to GHB #41 yet could easily apply the same analysis to GWB #43.

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