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April 08, 2008

Aleem : Urban Digs

Historic Cities Programme

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A quick plug for a project I am involved with - the Historic Cities Programme (or HCP) coming to Toronto (free to attend for all) from April 16 to 25.  HCP is an international exhibition which is an initiative of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.  The exhibition debuted in the United States and is currently making its way across Canada. 

HCP showcases the conservation and re-use of buildings and public spaces in historic cities in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Mali, India and Afghanistan.  The HCP exhibition offers a perspective that looks at culture as an asset that can transform communities.


Here are some pictures from the exhibition's debut in Montreal last week

Aleem Kanji


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The City Gal

Where would be exhibited? If it is supported by Agha Khan foundation, I guess at the Nour Centre near Eglinton and Don Mills?

Please let us know.


Hi City Gal- HCP is on from April 16-19 at Metro Hall (55 John Street) and April 20-25 at the Ontario Science Centre (770 Don Mills Road)

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