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April 24, 2008

Richard Florida

Political Geography

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This superb graphic by Amanda Cox of the NY Times (via Andrew Sullivan).

More interesting primary maps and graphics here and here.


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Actually I think Obama can win the white working class rural vote with one sentence.

"If elected president I will impose price controls on food and gas."

I don't think John McCain with his free market religion would do this.

By the time the election is here food and gas will be so expensive that most people would be in favor of price controls.


I have an idea. Take the countys in each set and grapf them by time. It may be that the ones that are off pattern happened early in the process.
Price controls destroy supply.


To: Kerry

If the choice is not being able to afford to drive to work or having price controls and rationing gas so that more people can afford it then I have a feeling that most people will choose rationing, price controls, and heavy government intervention if gas gets to $10 per gallon like some analysts predict.

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