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May 22, 2008

« Urban Spatial Structure | Main | Obamanomics »

Here's one new list (pointer via Planetizen):

1.  Honolulu, Hawaii
2.  Virginia Beach, Virginia
3.  Billings, Montana
4.  Columbus, Georgia
5   San Diego, California
6.  Des Moines, Iowa
7.  Minneapolis, Minnesota
8.  Madison, Wisconsin
9.  Colorado Springs, Colorado
10. Santa Rosa, California

My list from Who's Your City? is here.

Compare, contrast, comment?


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Mike L.

Tried to guess what the list was, before looking. Was way wrong. Families? Looks like BestLife forgot to include "cost of living"!

Charles Rostkowski

I cannot believe they put together a list of the 100 best cities to raise a family in and skipped over cities in Utah. Surely at least Provo-Orem should have made the list.


Hawaii gets props for its per student spending rate? Did the creator of the list take into consideration that EVERYTHING in Hawaii is extremely expensive? So if that spending rate is because it costs 10% extra for all supplies etc, then it's actually a rather misleading statistic.

The additional sparse comments on cities provided give the appearance of a highly arbitrary ranking...


Odd list. Everyone knows that San Jose and Sacramento are two of the best cities in California for families. Also, any big city in Canada should easily make the list.

Michael Wells

Odd. Aside from Madison and maybe Minneapolis I would put this down as 10 boring places to raise your kids, or 10 places to raise your boring kids. Alright, maybe surfers aren't totally boring, but??

Ghadeer Areej

Which metro is more accepting of arab muslims Houston Texas, Raleigh Durham NC or Charlotte NC?????

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