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July 20, 2008

Richard Florida

Doctor Doctor

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"When malls become a meeting place, it's a sign that a city is sick."

Enrique Peñalosa, urban theorist and former mayor of Bogotá, via Tyler Brule.


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Very interesting and useful post. When we Europeans visit some American cities we always find shocking that in some of them there is not a place where to gather. By the way, I'm reading "Who's your city" and I'm enjoying it. Thank you!

Mike L.

Malls are the death-knell for local retailers, but brilliant as places to meet informally: heated, cooled, parking, coffee. Since the local mall opened, unplanned encounters with our friends have increased considerably.
To what "sickness" does Enrique refer?


Malls can anachronize downtown in smaller cities, but a good mall can be better than downtown in terms of convenience. I wonder what Enrique thinks of open air malls like the old "Country Club Plaza" in Kansas City, or "Santana Row" in San Jose?


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