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July 18, 2008

Richard Florida

I'll Take ... Houston?

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Urban economist, Ed Glaeser says NYC has a Houston problem. Houston has more affordable housing, less congestion, and easier commutes -all because of its "deregulated market", lack of rent control, and ease of construction.  Ryan Avent says not only is Glaeser wrong, he's contradicting his own research.


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hayden fisher

Another example of a so-called expert who doesn't realize the world has changed dramatically during the last 5 - 10 years; he's sorting with antiquated inapposite criteria.

john trenouth

Less congestion and easier commutes?! Obviously Ed has never been to Houston.

I can get from Battery Park to Time Square in half the time it take to drive from Target to Kroger in any randomly chosen, generic, freeway-side strip mall in Houston.

Ok I exaggerate -- probably not half the time, more like the same time.

Whitney Gunderson

There are a few good points made by Avent and Glaeser. But what's this really about? Ed Glaeser being right or wrong, or improving quality of life in both NYC and Houston?


What Glaeser said is pretty undisputable: it is easy to live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in Houston as a "normal" family; it is quite difficult to do so in NYC.

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